Ulm, 25.08.2016 - Uzin Utz AG in the first half-year of 2016 remains on a dynamical growth track

Upward trend continues

  • Turnover of the group with EUR 135.7 million significantly higher than in the previous year
  • Earnings before taxes increased by 65.4% to EUR 11.7 million
  • Uzin Utz AG expects a stable second half-year 2016

Ulm, August 25, 2016 – The Uzin Utz Group developed positively in the first half-year of 2016 and showed a significant rise in turnover and result.

After the year 2015 was closed as the most successful one in the history of the company, the worldwide allaround provider of floor systems was able to continue the upward trend and the positive development.
The turnover of the Uzin Utz Group in the first half-year of 2016 was about EUR 135.7 million (123.7) and was therefore 9.7% above the level of the previous year. Due to the strong performance of the German companies, the domestic share rose from 41.1% to 42.0%. The earnings before taxes increased by 65.4% from EUR 7.1 million to EUR 11.7 million. The net result of the group totals to EUR 8.3 (5.0) million and therefore 64.4% above previous year.

“We can be very satisfied with the development of the first six months of 2016. Thanks to its defined strategy of growth, the strong position in the domestic market and focusing in foreign business the Uzin Utz Group was able to continue its development. I am especially delighted that we were able to obtain a disproportional growth of the result through our optimised cost management. This is a solid basis to make 2016 another successful year for Uzin Utz.” said Chief Executive Officer Thomas Müllerschön on the occasion of the presentation of the figures for the half-year.

Net assets and financials
The balance sheet total increased by EUR 14.1 million to EUR 241.8 million (227.5). Receivables from customers rose from EUR 37.7 million to EUR 38.8 million. The liquid funds increased by EUR 5.9 million from EUR 16.7 million to EUR 22.3 million. The equity was EUR 127.2 million (119.4) and was at 52.7% (52.5) of the balance sheet total once again considerably above the industry sector average. The shortterm liabilities against credit institutions decreased in total by EUR 1.4 million to EUR 23.6 million.

Compared to the previous year, the number of employees rose from 971 to 1,057. In addition, 39 (28) young people were able to undergo education and training. The personnel cost ratio decreased slightly from 28.0% to 27.9%. In absolute numbers the personal costs in-creased by EUR 3.1 million to EUR 37.8 million (34.7).

Uzin Utz will continue to follow its defined path of growth. The Uzin Utz Group plans to reach total sales of EUR 400 million by the year 2019. “We see ourselves in a very good position and we are confident that we will reach our ambitious goals through our growth strategy. The setup of our team is excellent and we are ready to strengthen our leading position with a lot of discipline, concentration and balance”, says Thomas Müllerschön.

Overview of the facts of the Uzin Utz Group
Sales revenues EUR 135.7 million
Increase of sales compared to previous year 9.7%
Result of ordinary activities EUR 11.7 million
Increase of result compared to previous year 65.4%
Material usage ratio 40.5%
Equity ratio  52.7%

Information about Uzin Utz Group

The Uzin Utz Group, based in Ulm, has more than 1,000 employees and a group turnover of 253 million euros (2015). It is market leader in the development and manufacture of flooring products and floor laying machinery. Virtually all chemicals used for laying floor coverings of all types up to and including surface treatment for floor coverings is devel-oped and produced by the Uzin Utz Group of companies and sold globally under the inter-nationally successful brand names  Uzin, Wolff, Pallmann, Arturo, codex and RZ. Working closely together with the trade, planners, architects and developers, Uzin Utz has been committed to providing end customers and the trade with professional support in all aspects of floor laying.