Ulm, 16.04.2013 - Balance Sheet Conference 2013 Uzin Utz AG:

Uzin Utz AG Optimum value with turnover in spite of volatile economic and financial markets – Market share expanded again – Earnings improved – Dividend of 0.80 Euro per share proposed

Chairman of the board Dr H. Werner Utz has this to say, "Innovation process in 2012 initiated with great success. In 2013 the focus is upon sustainability."

(Ulm, 16 April 2013) Uzin Utz AG, Ulm, market leaders in the development and manufacture of chemical products and machinery used in the removal and laying of flooring as well as underfloor preparation, managed to increase its turnover in the financial year 2012 by about 4 percent and this means that it has earned a new record turnover of 207.3 million Euro. There was also an increase in earnings from normal business activity – up from 12.0 million Euro to 13.5 million Euro. The Company managed to expand its market share again. At the shareholders' meeting the recommendation will be made that a dividend amounting to 0.80 Euro per share is paid out.

The Uzin Utz Group has held its own in spite of market conditions which were difficult at times and it certainly has achieved respectable figures.
The Uzin Utz Group managed to increase its turnover up from 199.2 to 207.3 million Euro and in doing so it achieved a new record turnover. The increase in the turnover of Uzin Utz AG, JP Coatings GmbH as well as the companies in the Netherlands, Switzerland, the UK and in the USA accounted for a significant part of this increase in turnover.
The Company managed to increase the results from its normal busi-ness activity up from 12 million to 13.5 million Euro. This means that the year following the Company's Centenary year heralds the first successful steps for the next 100 years.

The export ratio remained unchanged at a high level of about 55 percent.

The Company was able to consolidate its position as market leader and onestop supplier for flooring-related products in its home market of Germany and the Netherlands. It also managed to expand its market share in other European markets.

Uzin Utz is remaining true to its forwards-looking and successful strategy and is continuing to invest in the future:
Altogether the Group invested 16.3 million Euro in 2012 (following 9.6 million in the previous year) and it intends to invest a further 30.9 million Euro in 2013.
The expenditure for research and development amounted to 6.6 million Euro (5.2 million Euro in the previous year) and once again this was the highest amount invested in R & D since the Company was established. With 62.5 percent of its turnover accounted for by new products in the AG, a new best was achieved which is far above the average normal within the industry.

"In 2012 we were highly successful in pursuing our strategy of innovation. Our performance in this sector is confirmed by the large number of topclass prizes we were awarded over the past six months. Now we are concentrating on sustainability. This topic is however nothing new for us, since we have been practising this within our Company since the 1980s and it is at the same time our task, mission statement and mindset. Examples of milestones in 2013 are the sustainability handbook for tradesmen hot off the press and our sustainable product system, which aims to protect the environment as a whole“, said Dr H. Werner Utz, chairman of the board at Uzin Utz AG on the occasion of the presentation of his Company results.

Member of the board Thomas Müllerschön said, "In spite of the persistently volatile economic and financial markets we have managed to build on our lead in the trade and forge ahead with our position as international market leader and one-stop supplier of flooring-related products and services. Our statement "We rule the floor“ has for a long time not only referred to the trade.“ We would also like to lay the foundations socially and within the Company for dealing with each other in a healthy and fair way. To this end we have the best combination: tried and tested Uzin Utz-virtues such as quality, safety and reliability are and will remain a permanent fixture of Uzin Utz DNA. This shall also apply for our claim to be a employees, custom-ers and shareholders can trust."

The number of staff went up slightly from an average of 879 to 919 (excluding trainees). 391 of these employees work for Group firms outside Germany.
The total material expenditure increased from 90.0 million Euro to 90.7 million Euro.
The Group managed to reduce the ratio of material input down from 44.9 percent to 43.6 percent.

As before, the Uzin Utz Group still attaches great value to being a solid business set-up. Equity increased in 2012 from 97.7 million Euro up to 104.1 million Euro and with a 58.4 percent (56.3 in the previous year) share of the balance sheet is still significantly above the industry average.

At the shareholders' meeting it will be proposed that as a result of the financial year 2012 being a good year for business, a dividend amounting to 0.80 Euro per share is paid out. In doing so Uzin Utz is continuing its shareholder-friendly policy and is at the same time consolidating its reserves significantly.

2013 will be a year of focus for the Uzin Utz Group. On three main strategic directions: growth, profitability and systems.
As part of the Group's growth strategy, the Company will raise its presence worldwide and exploit the opportunities coming up on the international markets systematically. This will require above all in-vestment in production sites locally. We are concentrating on the USA. Since 2012 there has been a state-of-the-art production facility under construction in the Netherlands. The Uzin and Arturo brands will be manufactured in it from 2014 onwards. In Germany the WOLFF and Hermann Frank GmbH brands will be merged on a site in Ilsfeld in Baden-Württemberg.
The crucial point here for Uzin Utz is not always growth at any price, but sustainable profitability. That is why the Company bases not only all its growth strategies but also the entire Group on professional finance and risk-management assessment.
The Company is confident that it will be able to achieve good results in 2013 as well on the basis of good liquidity, professional finance and risk management, its experienced and highly-motivated staff, its international set-up and focussed approach.