Ulm, 28.08.2015 - Positive development of sales – above-average increase in results Uzin Utz AG faces the second half of the year with confidence

After six months of financial year 2015, the Uzin Utz Group can report robust development and a considerable increase in its sales and results. Following a highly successful previous year, this upward trend and positive development was sustained into the first half of 2015. The Uzin Utz Group’s sales in the first half were approximately Euro 123.7million (113.3) corresponding with a growth of 9.2% versus the previous year. The result before taxes was Euro 7.1 million and with an increase of 23.6% is significantly higher than in the previous year.

Finance director Thomas Müllerschön said on the occasion of the presentation of the half-yearly figures: “This positive development demonstrates the radical effect of the Ebit+ efficiency programme launched in 2014 in combination with our growth strategy. A consequence of our own efforts. Nevertheless, we have rolled out the programme into our international operations. It is important that the course we have suc-cessfully taken should be consistently sustained.“


Uzin Utz AG faces the second half of 2015 with confidence and intends to use the opportunities provided by the continued growth of the global economy. Using its establish market and competitive strength, the company will consolidate its position in a volatile and challenging environment and by the end of the year will achieve the sales and profit goals it has set itself. As part of this policy, our emphasis will be placed on expanding business in the defined focus countries as well as innovation, portfolio optimisation and an overall increase in efficiency. “We are convinced that, with the investments carried out in Ilsfeld and the USA, our particular proximity to the customer and our motivated team, we will be able to continue to offer decisive prospects for the fu-ture in the second half of the year” the chairman of the board, Dr. H. Werner Utz, emphasised.

Overall environment
The German economy generated marked growth in the second quarter of 2015: gross domestic product increased by 0.5% compared with the same quarter in the previous year.

The growth is generated principally by the service sector that benefits from continued strong private consumption. Risk factors such as the crisis in Greece, EU-scepticism in Britain and political tension with Russia have recently put a break on both investment and demand in the German industrial sector. Uncertainty is also generated by the slowdown of economic growth in China. Nevertheless, the German Institute for Economic Research anticipates that improved price competitiveness and the economic recovery of the Euro area will also have a positive effect on industry during the course of the year.

Overall data on the Uzin Utz Group
Sales    Euro 123.7 million
Sales growth versus the previous year    9.2 per cent
Result of ordinary operations    Euro 7.1 million
Increase in results versus the previous year    23.6 per cent
Cost of materials ratio    41.7 per cent
Shareholders’ equity ratio    55.1 per cent

The number of people employed on 30.06.2015 has increased versus the previous year from 940 to 971. In addition,  28 young people are in traineeships (32). The personnel cost ration increased from 27.8% to 28.0%. In absolute terms, personnel costs increased by approximately EURO 3.2 million from EURO 31.4 to 34.7 million.

About Uzin Utz AG

With approximately 1,000 employees and group sales of Euro 230 million (2014), Uzin Utz AG in Ulm is a leading developer and manufacturer of products and machines in the field of floor laying. The chemical product systems used in the construction industry for laying all types of floor coverings through to surface enhancement as well as machines for preparing the ground have almost all been developed, and are manufactured, by the group itself and are distributed throughout the world under the internationally successfully trademarks Uzin, Wolff, Pallmann, Arturo, codex and RZ. As a systems partner for craft trades, planners, architects and building developers Uzin Utz has for the last 100 year dedicated itself to the task of providing end customers and producers with profes-sional support in all fields of floor covering.